What inspired me to be a painter was learning about the late 1800's French Impressionist painters; studying their work, reading their letters, and seeing the Impressionism exhibits at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

In 2011, I started painting the landscape using an Impressionistic style. I later began to experiment by adding sections of a more expressive style of painting influenced by the Bay Area Figurative Movement to my paintings. This expressive style of painting felt more exciting and alive to me, and opened many new avenues to explore. It allowed me to put more of myself into the painting. I began using bold paint strokes, altering the texture of the paint, simplifying shapes, and minimizing the information to clarify my subject. I was also inspired by the hyper-colorful effects of the contemporary Sacramento Valley painters.

Today my paintings combine an expressive paint style with bold planes and heightened colors. They continue to be inspired by real subjects and locations, and are oftentimes built upon compositions with abstract and reimagined forms.