The ability to contain vast and deep landscapes into small, flat paintings makes me feel like a wrangler of space. After years of painting cityscapes, purchasing a desert cabin in Twentynine Palms led me to painting panoramic desert landscapes. These paintings became dense with a sense of place, distances stretching on forever and mountains glowing with an inner light. The power to capture the magic of the California desert and contain it within a frame is enthralling. It lets me transport the desert to others, sharing the beauty and promoting preservation of these vistas for future generations.

     My paintings are hyper realistic yet painterly with gestured brush strokes. The precise stroke I use for a mountain describes the geological events that shaped the landform. A flash flood, an ancient landslide, a volcanic eruption, each of these creates distinctive folds and bulges. My paintings are landscape portraits and detail is key to capturing the dormant energy within.

     The question of what is out there, off in the distance, creates a ceaseless yearning for escape, adventure and discovery. My paintings come directly from these explorations. I enjoy numerous trips to the southwest deserts and eastern Sierras during the year. The destinations are planned but there are always enticing roads that peel off and disappear into the distant mountains along the way. These detours, the clarity of light and air tantalizes me with a sense that the western landscape is endless. As I paint, I pretend that it is.