"I’ve been fortunate to make my living solely as an artist for more than thirty five years. The beauty of the American landscape and coastlines are endlessly inspiring to me. Beauty and a refined quality in paintings is important to me, both in the materials I select (high quality pigments and canvas, linen and frames) as well as the unique method I originated to apply oil paint to surfaces.

I was born in New Mexico and consider this my home however each year I travel to the coasts to paint and photograph the ocean. My most recent trip to Louisiana and New Orleans was fascinating and informative for me, having spent my entire life in the west. My current body of work reflects many ideas I harvested there within the plantations, the French Quarter, Congo Square, bayous, swamps, dirt roads, dive bars and dance halls.

Living in the high desert of New Mexico also teaches me about light and informs my paintings with a depth of solitude. My subject matter will continue to develop from my urge to reconcile the lush, radiant images of Manifest Destiny, which caught my eye as a young artist, and the more sober visions of current American culture and politics.  I love the immense beauty which always surrounds us and continue to be inspired by the everyday lives of working people.