We are faced with uncertainty. Our security and safety seem to be challenged constantly. We hide behind props of comfort, power and the familiar, but fear
creeps through even the most securely constructed facade. Our fear is not always a response to any immediate threat but can be a construction of our over-active imaginations.

     If our feelings of insecurity are due to our imaginations, we can use our imagination to soothe ourselves as well. These paintings are about the battle we fight every day between our actual experience and environment, and the fictitious scenarios we construct and react to as though they were real. To control our fictional fears we can escape into imaginary worlds where we are secure: there are lullabies being played, birds whispering in ears, walls becoming forests. These are things that carry us away into a state of comfort.

     The mouse is a vulnerable creature that nonetheless survives due to its agility and cleverness. It is not imaginative but lives in the immediate, a tenacious
presence in the face of the many things more powerful than it. It is a reminder that there is a reality behind our meddling imaginations, one in which we might thrive despite our vulnerabilities.