I continue to explore the figure and am looking more consciously at the reasons for doing so. I enjoy working on composition whilst creating obstacles for myself – this challenges me to select different solutions to familiar situations.

Sometimes throwing something onto the canvas that has a little immediate connection to the current idea opens up a new awareness.  I strive to keep myself interested in the process and therefore a challenge is welcome.  Reworking my palette and exploring new color combinations is helping me to question the reason for selecting specific colors.

I like the challenge in my awareness of what isn’t happening, what isn’t being used, what isn’t being said and why these are some of the obstacles I set myself.

Honesty about myself is a crucial factor in my paintings.  My overall desire is to emit emotion through the paint, the line, the contrasts, and composition.  Redundancy is the enemy.  I want to keep things interesting and with a hint of danger.  The danger in the desire to obscure what is already there and what might be a beautiful passage in the painting.  Courage to continue growing and recognizing my need for emotional movement is paramount.