“In nature light creates color, in painting, color creates light.” -Cezanne

    “The Painted Figure” is a metaphor for the light within each of us. Who are these figures that come in and out of our lives and what are their stories? Are they contemporary or historical figures? What is their relationship to us, to each other, to the community, and to our culture?  What are the essence of each gesture and the subtleties of each highlight, tone or shade? These figures are reflections; responses to layers of experience; relationships between the earth and sky that surround us (infinite space and inner space); and to my changing perspective of time.

    Everything changes and everything remains the same. Yet the human spirit endures with hope, love and gratitude for the here and now, and for all that has past and all that is yet to come. The painted figure enlightens us and allows us to discover a new spectrum within ourselves.

    The line of the horizon is a stabilizing force—the ray that connects us to the earth and the sky (the tangible with the intangible); illuminating the ebb and flow of life.

Gloria Gaddis
September 2009