This body of work is about mysterious places that, when we go to them, we feel connected with the universe. There, nature is the physical manifestation of emotion, magic, and grace. Jung once described the possible phenomenon of an intelligent and responsive universe, one that acts and reacts in our interest. I am reminded of a power outside myself and that something sacred, rather than merely physical, is at work.

     More than light and space, these painting are about perception and the ability to be aware. They are about the use of intuition as a position of knowledge. They are memories of landscapes transformed by the mind into images akin to those in dreams. Nature used as an embodiment of my subjective self, a projection of my emotions of ecstasy, fear and wonder. These works are about nature's vastness, the majesty of its storms, its loneliness and terror and its profound peace.

These images are moments. They are the heartbeats, the breadths by which we affirm each instance.

"…so the darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing."
-- T.S. Elliot, "Four Quarter"