"I paint inspired by the landscape, by what I see.  The way light strikes a wall, a cloud shadow that envelopes a field and then moves down into a river valley, the gleam of evening sun on water.  All of it changing in an instant as the earth turns and angles of light alter.  That light affects my mood and that is where my paintings begin to take shape.  

      "The original impetus for painting landscape came in the form of a newspaper article entitled, “Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Bean Field”.  Vast tracts of agricultural land were about to give way to houses and shopping centers.  Changed forever.  My paintings became a way to remember that passing life, not only of the land itself, but also of the people that worked the land.  They are painted in a decidedlymelancholic, romantic edge.  A sad kind of beauty.       
      "Past art movements and artists I look to for guidance are the Tonalists, the Hudson River School, and the Barbizon, Claude Lorraine, George Innes, Jacob Van Ruisdael and many more.  I  employ some of their techniques to heighten visual tension in the painting.  For instance, I emphasize  shadows by exaggerating their darkness, and I push back distance by lightening and graying colors."